We Have Skin For A Reason

Two new pieces today, inspired by a prompt from another poet I happen to follow on tumblr. The line given to write upon was “we have skin for a reason” and these two small poems are my answer. I don’t usually write from any external source, my process is almost entirely internal so we shall see how well I have done soon enough. Cheers all


Colour and shape


Bound to the world

Tied in ribbons and streamers

Of flesh.

It is the map

Geography of fingerprints

Hands that touch


Topography of scars

Signposts of the who and the where

And the will be there.


Vessel, amphorae

Filled to brimming

Aqua vitae

Breath and humors sealed

Sometime armored casement

Other time

Busted stump fragile

Feet of clay.


Crusted thick

Paint smeared

Impressionist passion


Scrubbed palimpsest


All the tales that can be told

From first stunned blink

To final close of coffin lid

And the ribbons come undone.


A means to feel the rain

Sunlight flush

Cool evening wind kisses

Heated mouths

Wandering fingertips

Raising forests of gooseflesh

A place for tears

To leave canyon furrows

The means by which

We leave our mark

Signet ring impress

On book spines

Or mugs of coffee

The glove through which

We touch this world.


3 Responses to “We Have Skin For A Reason”

  1. and why not?
    place some printed material on a desk
    close your eyes
    draw a “circle” around some of the words
    open your eyes

  2. ciro assKracher Says:

    skin, and its underlying plumbing, make up all three food groups for…
    MOSQUITOES (mad laughter ala Was Not Was)!!!!!

  3. emisformaker Says:

    But isn’t the myth of fingerprints the reason we must learn to live alone?

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