Last Night I Dreamt…

The moon is high and fat and full
Calling sweetly siren
As you step lightly into the night
Footsteps eager expectant swift
Down the lane and through the fields
Order fruitful safe sleeping
Passed in hushed flurry
Forsaken for the ragged edge of darkness
Gathered under watchful eaves
Wild wary woods waiting
To swallow you whole.

Oh what did you tell them
What excuses did you plead
To come to me tonight?
Off to grandmother’s
Basket in hand
Fooling themselves blind
Cloaking their eyes
Can’t see the girl replacing maiden
Under her hood.

I know, your hunger drips
As red as mine, blood hot
Surge pull darkly dancing
Breath catching on the cages of your teeth
Moments hesitation on the verge
Look back once over shoulder
Then plunge knife bright
Through the forest door
Trembling fawn no longer.

I’ve been waiting
Patient hunter watching
Play of moonlight on your skin
Inviting warm pink silvered over
Gooseflesh tingling limbs
You feel my presence
My hunger in your watering mouth
Scent sharp rank on your breath
You’ve come to me at last.

Let us run, you and I
The ritual requires pursuit
Cold air churned ragged
By sharp teeth furnace breath
Hot on the nape of your neck
Bitter bright copper on your tongue
So savage your dainty mouth
All the better
My love, bite deeper.

My jaws flow with honey
Pressing at your marble throat
Pulse beneath my tongue
Bodies over under twisting
Limbs a tangle of breath and sweat and blood
Devoured devouring endless hunger
Desperately seeking satiation
Yearning fingers buried in clots of fur
Furrows dug ragged farm rows
Claw plowshares till deep
Ragged gasp howling.

Hunter and prey
Which now is which?
Bodies crimson black shining
Under cloud riding moon
Shudders moaning soft
Oh, what bright eyes
Oh, what vibrant skin
Oh my love
All the better to
All the better…


2 Responses to “Last Night I Dreamt…”

  1. yet again
    words to mind

  2. even better on re-reading
    like noticing additional details when watching a good movie again

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