Black circle spin
Tone arm arching sparks
Needle in track mark groove
Skipping thoughts let’s dance
Hipsters and hippies hopscotching the squares
Straight edge mod suited
Angry young manifold destinies
Unfolding geographies
Brittle sonic spirals gyrating
Thirty-three and one third rotations
Turning about faced
I am unarmed, underhanded and extremely dangerous
Two/four timed bandit
Rusting but never sleeping
Slipping past the hedgerows
Wet thumbing clouds
Rain king crowned locks
Grey gold sun shower beam stalking
Fallow fields of dreaming distance
Unfolding counter pane counter point
Point to point return wrap around
Wrap your mind around this
Can’t compass un encompassing
White edges marked where dragons be
Unimaginable, fostering peoples under table tops
Playing out space monkey marvelous
Roiling boil one minute egg timer
Two step tripping
Mad minstrel one legged madrigal maypole
Magpie thieving my scattered
Bird shot bullet blue skies
Screaming infidelities in high fidelity
Sharp flat cold steel rails
Major chords and minor inconsistencies storyteller magic
Man, you picking up what I’m layin’ down
Beat goes on and on
Winding roads like smoke on the water
With slow motion Walter
Fire engine red flicker
Greedy and gulping up thighs and hips
Limbic low belly loin pull
Hot wire in blood on lips and tongues
Come on Eileen on my face
Dirty dress up on high
Show the whole world to me in the folds and furrows
I am superman emoting emo tears
Cut up ragged wrist twisting shouting
Broke fingered and piano fingering
Clank and squealing wheezing calliope crashing
We all fall down dizzy
Splashing out into the streets
Heroes of revolutions sprung out on highway nine
Last chance power drive
Ripping spines slipping backbone sliding
Heaven sent and hell bent
Wire tight roping itself high tension line
Hum if you don’t know the words
The rhythm gets you bone deep
Deeply bone driven
Silver mouth devouring bush
Nothing hurts like your lips
Scalpel kisses in all the right places
I’m the tattoo your pulse is beating out
Untold, unloved, unrepentant
Turning in and around möbius snake charming
Three to one odds and ends
Junk drawer rusty spoonman
Tabletops to rooftops slate sky raven winged churn
Tumbling ecstasies all contained in a matchbox
Tucked in my sleeve
Lined notes ink veined architecture
Describes a blank verse I’m still writing
Myself to you to us, writing the world
Note for note not by rote
But by love and thought
Fumbling it out, mumbling just below the radar
Silent running smooth like whiskey
Burning tongues babel on through the night
Continuing the howl, one continuous
Sonic scourge whipping telephone posts
Tied to ancient skylines
Bloodlines thumping heartbeat back
To cave mouths jumping fire
Feet stomping earth hollow log echo
The primal first cause
Pause, play, rewind, repeat
Spinning black circles around the sun.


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