Another Experiment in Voice

So, I have once again decided, against my better judgment, to record myself both singing a song and reading one of my poems. While I am normally very unsure of my vocal talents, I am liking the ability to play about a bit and add something different to my blog and I really hope this is giving you, my devoted followers, a good reason to keep coming back. At any rate, below are two tracks, the first is me singing the Elvis Costello song “Veronica” which inspired the poem which follows of the same name. The original song is kind of up tempo and almost bubbly despite its sort of somber topic, however since I had to do it a cappella I thought a more slow and measured delivery would be better. We shall see if it was I suppose. In any event, I hope you all enjoy listening to me and that this doesn’t frighten you all away. That’s it for now, cheers all.


2 Responses to “Another Experiment in Voice”

  1. sonus praxus Says:

    send an mp3 of spoken word via email
    wait a bit

  2. mind yer peezinkews Says:

    good to witness movement outside of the box
    how about a bit of landscape poetry
    little verbal sketches
    the sluggish muddy river near Abe’s early home
    out on the flat grassland in pounding heat
    the fantastic sound of cicadas erupting in a steamy mid-american evening
    so many opportunities in your adopted homeland…

    playing with Jake again!!!!

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