Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone

Well folks, while this may not be a new, original poem by yours truly, it is something different.  I have been experimenting with soundcloud recently, as you may have noticed and this experimentation inspired me to be daring, to try something outside of my own personal little comfort zone and to just take a risk.  Its a big one, let me tell you.  I have recorded myself singing “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. As followers of the blog may be aware, Mr. Cohen has been a great influence on me and this song in particular is both one of my favorites and what I believe could possibly be the most perfect song ever written.  With all of that in mind, I have no idea how this has turned out, as I did not have the courage to play it back once I recorded it but knowing the limits of my voice I know it’s not going to be great.  So here it is, for what it’s worth.  I just hope I don’t get sued, or locked away for crimes against art.  Anyway, cheers all.



One Response to “Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone”

  1. emisformaker Says:

    While Mr. Cohen doesn’t present the highest bar to aim for, this is certainly the very best I’ve ever heard you sing. Just make sure to keep listening more to the sounds you’re making than you are to the tune you hear in your head. High five!

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