A Short Poem for the End of the World

I just had a moment, standing out on the smoke patio at work, this quiet, slightly melancholy space and these words just came. I am not by any means worried about the world coming to an end, but as that is probably going to be the theme for today, I thought it would be fitting. Enjoy my tender lumplings and if this is the last thing you read forever and ever, hey you could do worse..

The world could end today
Right now in fact
I wouldn’t mind much
Looking out at a perfect heartache blue sky
The sun a shiny gold medal pinned neatly
On God’s lapel
A Leonard Cohen song singing mournful sweet beautiful in my mind
Memories of deep snow, silent tall trees and ice shacks
Clustering along the shores of Lake Nippissing
If it all came crashing down
Absolutely had to stop right here
I could settle for that
One last unspoiled moment
Echoing through the sudden nothing that once was everything
No thoughts of war or cruelty or how I am going to get by
Just home in The Bay with my fingers smarting
Breath smoking silver gold
With a Leonard Cohen song playing me out
For all eternity.


3 Responses to “A Short Poem for the End of the World”

  1. Perfect. I am so glad you feel that way.

  2. emisformaker Says:

    Your last thoughts would be of North Bay?! This is because you’ve not been to the cottage in winter, you know.
    Still, I can appreciate the nostalgic longing. It’s now January, and I can walk around outside my house with NO COAT ON AT ALL. January. No coat. It may as well be the end of the world, since we’re never going to have a decent maple syrup season ever again.

  3. Effam A. Schmoptomist Says:

    ok, so we’re all a bit disappointed at the lack of noise and strife
    how about your take on the wonderful possibilities available with all this time on our hands

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