I love words. This statement may seem somewhat redundant as I maintain a blog featuring mostly poetry with some prose thrown in, but I wanted to actually talk about it today. To me, words have always been something wondrous, living, breathing things of power and majesty. They are the foundation of thought and communicating that thought in any kind of meaningful way. I revel in words, play with them, devour them, find myself obsessed by them. Finding well turned phrase, or solidly structured sentence, or a beautifully architected paragraph is like discovering a brand new treasure glittering embedded in a vast growing desert filled with half formed memes or barely comprehensible burbles, mangled stumps of words amputated to fit into one hundred and forty characters or less. It is a constant source of sorrow to see on a daily basis the slow demise of language, or at least that’s how I see it, and what do I know, really? I am just a lowly scribbler still deeply in love with words.
They are at once my friends and quiet often my enemies when they become recalcitrant, refusing to obey my summons, capricious always. Yet what beautiful things they are and I will always be their willing thrall. Even the sounds of them, the way they resonate in my mind, roll, or drip, or burn on my tongue. Take for example one of my personal favorites, voluptuous. How can one deny the luxury of this word, how it feels and tastes of some succulent fruit, thick juices rolling down the tongue and overflowing the lips. Or something as sinister and darkly lovely as “susurrus”, redolent of dust and rustlings. They are jewels, pillars, animals both wondrous and strange, things to build worlds, describe universes infinitely defined in flowing torrents of script. If there is any one thing that I dread it is the dark silence that will come at the end of words.


3 Responses to “Words”

  1. I love words too. It’s a writer’s thing I guess. You should read a piece on my page, “Lost in the Hyphen” …. Same sentiments. Your view was a fun read.

  2. Keep the words coming. It reminds us we are more than slaves of work and responsibilities. They can connect us again to our deeper, truer selves.

  3. bootsCadillac Says:

    perhaps you will favour a devoted fan with a few pointers about righting poetry

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