Blogging for Blogging’s Sake

My writing muscles have been allowed to atrophy for far too long, so here I am just putting words on the screen just to say I have done it, to have written something.  I don’t know what it is I am going to write about, but then again, I rarely ever do, when I write my poems they just sort of come out, I stare at a page and maybe have a vague idea of what I might like to say and the words just start appearing.  This could be why I am not cut out to be a writer in the professional sense.  I have no craft to speak of, no discipline, just a general love of words and imagination which results in some occasionally impressive, but always very sporadic writing.  I keep hoping that I will write my novel one day, whatever it may end up being about, but I have more than half reconciled myself to the idea that this may never happen.  It doesn’t bother my as much as it used to, that thought, that I may never be a “writer” but sometimes it still cuts through me like a hot, blunt, rusty saw.  Of course, by now anyone who reads this blog knows full well I go through these periods of proliferation, dearth, and despair in a sort of endless cycle, so in reading this they might say to themselves “shut up and make some more of them there pretty word pictures” rather than just hearing my whine some more, but to them I say tough shit, I have to live with this in my head, no so do you, suck it up and take it.  I am just rambling, and I know it, this is in no way going to be profound or revelatory, just words coming out of my head as fast as I can type them.  There is no focus or meaning, I just want sound, the click clack of keys and the creation of text, something born just out of my consciousness, that did not exist in any concrete way before this very moment.  I sometimes wish I could just stream my thoughts, tune my brain to a WiFi frequency and just upload all of my hideous, wondrous, strange, ideas and fancies to the ether and let them attack all those helpless, innocent minds out there.  I have this stuff in me, this morass of creative firmament, raw nothing waiting to become something and I just can’t seem to find the path to bring it form.  I hesitate to use a religious image here, as I know this will get me shunned from intelligentsia circles and will hopelessly offend some of my readers, however it is apt so I don’t give a fuck.  I get this feeling like I am God in Michelangelo’s central panel of the Sistine Chapel always frozen inches away from touching Adam’s finger to bring him life.  So yeah, I just compared myself to God, but just go with it, it is this idea of permanent frustration and impotence of the creator being unable to bring life to the creation, always just out of reach.  That is my thought for now, just that.  It may not have been worth reading, it may not even have been worth putting out there in the first place, but it is mine and I made it just now, and even though it is sort of a bastard child of diary entry and actual creativity I am still almost proud that I did it.  Thanks as always for reading/listening if you actually did bother to do either.  I hope to be back again soon, but until then I leave you with the immortal words of Tigger, TTFN, ta-ta for now.



5 Responses to “Blogging for Blogging’s Sake”

  1. emisformaker Says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: writing is about building the habit, not waiting around for inspiration to strike. The more you make use of the command centres in your brain that are responsible for getting words onto paper/screen, the stronger and more flexible they become. You’ll go through a lot of rough to get to the diamond, and you probably won’t like most of what you write – you’ll probably even hate it. It’s like any kind of exercise. There are points where it becomes easier, but only after you’ve gone through hellish trial. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Am I there yet? Not at all. It may also help to reflect on the Buddhist notion that one should enter any creative endeavour for the sake of creating, placing no value or judgement on the outcome.
    These ideas help me out. Hope they help you.

  2. Whore Ratio Says:

    If this shit wur E Z wouldn’t be considered part of life’s work.

    It’d be called take-out!

    Bringing nothing to some useful form is all in the DOING.

  3. I agree with everything emisformaker says. It’s ALL about habit. There is really no such thing as writer’s block in my opinion. It’s about starting a project and either seeing it through to the end (because it fulfills a self-satisfying purpose, no more) or abandoning it (to maybe return to it at a later time). Sometimes I write shit intentionally so that I can get to the good stuff. Trash is treasure. I usually go through many drafts until I discover something I like, and the discovery is what it’s all about: finding an acorn in the dirt, so to speak. Never reconcile that you won’t write “that novel,” out of fear that you’ll squash out your narrative impulse. Always Remember William Strunk’s Rule 13: Omit Needless Words, i.e. redundancies, things coming too early or maybe too many descriptors (sometimes you can’t have enough). I look at story writing the way I look at chess. We all have access to the same pieces, but there are infinite possibilities that the game can turn to somewhere unexpected. If you want books on craft I would recommend reading Richard Hugo’s The Triggering Town (especially if you’re a poet, its also my favorite), Janet Burroway’s Writing Fiction, William Strunk’s Elementary Rules of Style, Stephen King’s memoir On Writing. Also if you have the possibility take a workshop/book club (or make one yourself with your friends). Workshops aren’t just for amateurs, but professionals, too. Chuck Palahnuik attends workshop with his friends almost every week. I also recommend reading Chuck Palahnuik’s essays on writing. You can find them here , but they cost $9 to read. They’re VERY helpful. They help remind the writer what his job is and you form a small community.

  4. blackwatertown Says:

    Easier for me to agree wityh emisformaker than to actually follow her advice – but it’s good advice all the same.
    Maybe you need to just give it away – release the pressure – think of small parts that may someday coalesce into the story you want to tell.

  5. im_waughtchinewe Says:

    genius @ 10000; look back to the early coffee-stained efforts, no, years before that…
    discipline never hurts
    passion hurts even less

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