The Results Of Wrestling With Writer’s Block

Ok, so it has been quite some time since I have written anything and I had resolved to put and end to the dry spell and attempted to write today, to write something, anything at all.  This is what I cam up with.  I am not quite sure what it is, if it is even really a poem, or a piece of one, but it is something new that I came up with out of my own brain, which is progress in the right direction as far as I am concerned.  It has to do with something I have been thinking about a lot lately, the concept of believing in something bigger than yourself and the actions taken in that belief.  I would not say that I am either pro or con on the matter, however this piece takes a dim view of sacrifice in the name of something, but that is only what the words had to say at this time.  Anyway, here is my latest, not so greatest but still something poem.

For Country, for The Cause, for God

Do these words ever mean more than the breath it takes to utter them

Can they measure up to all the corpses stacked against them

Offer any solace or comfort

In the wreckage of the aftermath in their passing

Or do they forever truly ring hollow

A poor jangling of talismans brandished

Against an ocean of wails and sobs.

In the last moment

As fire consumes in gasping, panting gulps

Or bullets rend flesh to crimson ribbons

How many believers have been betrayed

By those whose words they believed in

Lead to meaningless sacrifice of all they will ever be

Their faith misspent on the empty promises

Of equally empty and ravenous men

Who can spend only another’s coin

Refusing to pay themselves.

Will duty give back a mother’s son

Can any ideal replace a lover’s touch

Or article of faith defended raise the laughter of a child

From the lips upon which it is now stilled.

Is being right worth the cost

Shall we keep paying until all faith is only bitter ash

Spread upon the endless fields of the righteous dead.


9 Responses to “The Results Of Wrestling With Writer’s Block”

  1. I like when you take on the challenge of new words and imagery. In this case, as in others, it turns out for the best.

    • I am not sure what challenge I took on, especially in reference to imagery as I felt it was fairly devoid of anything truly evocative, however I am glad you liked it. I would love to hear some more of your thoughts on this piece as I feel it is still fairly rough and I always value your opinion.

      • It doesn’t mention some of your more typical subject material: trenchcoats, crows, grey skies, skeletal trees, etc. As much as I love these images, I like it when you move into some less explored territory. I also feel that, while this poem does not lack in expressing your opinion, it is not raging. It is asking. You may even be asking yourself how you really feel, but you do use some telling words, and speak of your subject matter in largely negative terms: meaningless, bitter, empty. I think this piece nicely balances a defined moral position with being uncomfortable with the notion that sometimes war may present a necessary evil. It also does a great job of prodding the reader to respond without providing any absolute answers.
        Also, if you think this work is devoid of any truly evocative language, you need your reading glasses adjusted.

      • I will admit, this is a bit of a departure for me, as I don’t often tackle issues like this, which is one reason I think I found it hard to really find the voice here, although it seems like you might have found it for me as you seem to have seen things I didn’t. I appreciate you taking the time to break down your thoughts for me as I really do value your opinions highly. Your insights have always lead me to find new avenues to explore in my craft and I owe a lot of where I am as a writer to you, which I think says a lot about you as you are the kid sister. 🙂

      • This is possibly due to my incessant study of writing as a craft – you know, that thing I do instead of actually writing. You get to reap the benefit of all my hard work! I’m comfortable with that, since you seem to have gotten the greater dose of natural talent.

  2. It rings of something heartfelt, that is its strength and what others can identify with. Words well-chosen accomplish their purpose more than ten dollar words ever could.

  3. memFisto Says:

    sneak up on a useful idea by not writing about it

  4. blackwatertown Says:

    Bitter and powerful.

  5. hell ain’t burned you yet
    hot wind left you standing
    the cool rain of grace soon be upon your face

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