Year One

Well kiddies, The Beautiful Imposter is one year old today.  Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but I thought it worth mentioning that for the last 365 days I have been poisoning the precincts of the interweb with my particular brand of mad ramblings, ravings and scribblings, all at the suggestion of my sister.  So blame her, it is, as usual all her fault, which is why nature made younger siblings.  The last year has been at least a trifle trying to say the least, but having this forum has been able to offer a wonderful outlet and has given me purpose when I needed direction so very much.  I have produced some of the best work of my life so far which I probably would not have done if I had not started this blog.  I want to thank all of the people who have taken the time to read or comment, as let’s face it, a writer without at least and audience of one is just talking to himself.  That’s all I really have for now, but fear not, this next year in the life of The Imposter shall be even more infuriatingly arcane, obscure, and pretentious than the last.  In closing, I am re-posting the first poem  of the blog, a piece that when I wrote it was the first thing that I felt had a voice of its own, and has been one of the very, very few pieces that I felt completely satisfied with.  It got a bit overlooked though I think as I kind of buried it in a flurry of subsequent posts, so here I am, dusting it off, wiping its little cheeks with a spit on piece of kleenex and bringing it out to meet all the nice people again.  Cheers one and all, I leave you with the words I have always felt have been the best waring for this places …Here There Be…


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