…But Wait, There’s More!!!!…

Yet another piece I wrote today, this one while enjoying the felicitous precincts of The Pharmacy.  I am feeling very contented in what I have made, although in writing this piece it just did not want to seem to end itself.  There is usually a point where a poem will feel done, complete and this one just did not want to co-operate.  It just kept running back out on stage, ducking the giant cartoon hook and obstinately refusing to yield the spotlight.  However, I did finally bring it to some form of conclusion and we shall just have to see if it’s the right one.

Junk man, rust man

Sing a song of dust man

Naugahyde  stretched taught

Over wheeze gasping calliope lungs

Mumbling carnival barker

Under tatterdemalion coat

Of Ray Bradbury autumn leaves,

Guardian of the lost and forgotten

Tipping of the pork pie hat

To passers by but see nothing

Save their own pavement two step shuffle.

A wink and a smile

“Right this a-way”

All the wonders of the world

Heaped in ossuary boneyard profusion,

Books piled and stacked

Licking cracked leather bound lips

With rasping paper tongues,

Tottering piles leaning drunkard

Among alleyways of refuse dreams,

Fugitive, dusky, smirking

Desires lascivious under discarded petticoats

Everything lost, unclaimed

Just two bits

You can claim your own piece

Of someone else’s life,

All the fragments shed or discarded

For after all, one man’s junk

Is another man’s fantasy.

C’mon in, try this on for size

A day at the lake circa 1957,

All golden, blue and innocent forever and ever

Or that, over there,

Have a taste of a first kiss

Sample the quick, hot breath of a lover’s clinch

All yours, just two bits

Sings the rust man, the junk man.

If joy is not your thing, happiness not your style

Perhaps the sighs of melancholy poets

Trapped in matchboxes

Or widow’s tears, heartbreak sobs

Wails of the dispossessed stoppered and bottled

Whatever your fancy, fine sir or madame

We got ’em all,

Spent confirmation candles

“A Lifetime of Faithful Service” gold watches wound down same as those who earned ’em,

Used car back seats

Redolent of youthful, sticky fumblings

All right this way,

Slightly used emotions, faintly patina’d memories,

Shopworn, perhaps forlorn, but still worthy…

You’ll probably pass him by, may have done so a hundred times already

Seeing only a heap of tangled wire hangers

Clothed in rags and feathers,

His cries no more than the rustle

Of empty cellophane wrappers,

This hawker of spent lives,

Pass him by even as he snatches from your heels,

All magpie quick, artful dodger that he is,

The bits of your life that trail

From your coat tails.

He’ll be there though, as he has always been

This mad, capering organ grinder monkey shambles of a man

Just in case, maybe once

Stop for a look over his scraps and clay pot shards

Perhaps find that missing treasure

Hidden in the folds, trapped under fingernails,

Something you have always been missing,

Something you might cherish more than it’s former owner.

All the pleasures and the pains,

All the losses become someone’s gains

All for sale, just two bits

Sings the junk man, the rust man.


2 Responses to “…But Wait, There’s More!!!!…”

  1. Hey!
    An imagined portrait of me?
    How… flattering.

  2. I like the ending. It is summative in its words, but also by the change in length, sentence and stanza.

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