Malicious Intent

Ok, so I have no fucking idea what this is but I sat down and let my fingers go at the keyboard like a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet.  This may not even make any sense but I was writing something so fuck you if you don’t like it and that’s all I have to say about that.  For those of you unfortunates who for some reason of mental defect both follow and like this blog, it may not be the best, but it is something new, so I hope it finds its way of burrowing into your eyeballs, gouging out a nice spot in your brain and laying eggs of thought, new, weird, or deviant.  That is always what I want, to if at all possible take somebody’s view of the world like a painting hanging on a wall and just move it a bit to the left and maybe tilt it a little.  Let’s see if this can do that.  Goodnight my tender lumplings. 

The stream of consciousness has a dam put up but it’s about to break loose, free, clear and wild.  A torrent of thought, tidal waves of words rise crash boom it all goes boom.  Dropping mind bombs like time bombs only the explosions cause trauma to the mind alone, fucking up your reception, perceptions change shift crack shatter leaving bloody shards on the pavement of your psyche.  I am done being polite, time to fuck life in the face, get vulgar, ’cause its the extremes that get heard, subtly is lost on the masses, you must get bombastic its not enough to say it when you can scream it, shout, shout let it all out in wind torrent profusion, deaf dumb blind confusion, it’s all illusion this life is all that you can see and it’s just cartoons of mass market production.  Occupy this, right here, right now, storm the beach heads of your life ’cause that is all that you control, turn it around and drive it right down their throats, them that says you can’t or you won’t or shouldn’t but you must, with a raised fist you must stand even if you stand alone and say “I am”, like a nail pinning the universe to revolve, spin fall, your own gravity making mockery of their levity, ’cause they can laugh all they want but the more we take back of our own reality the less real estate they will be able to lend bad loans on, ’cause you can devour the world bite by byte, knowledge voice power to speak the voice cannot be stopped it’s streaming through the ether right now, no matter how many times they change the channel we can be all that there is on so that in watching they will become the medium, because each individual is too large, bigger than whole worlds, the minds of the masses are massive and I think by now we are done being massaged.  The revolution cannot be televised because you can’t see the forest for the trees and the revolution is turning the disc of the galaxy about itself, propelling round and round till we all burn it down.  Drown the signal, bring the noise of anger and angst, rise against again and again till we stand shoulder upon shoulder because even dwarfs on the shoulders of giants are taller than just the giants, we can be the Jacks that kill them all, bring down the titans of greed, sloth, apathy, tear that mother fucker down like Rome burning to Nero’s fiddle.


3 Responses to “Malicious Intent”

  1. Excellent. Passionate, heartfelt, honest, stirring.

  2. I have been booted in the face with the Doc Martins of your verbiage.

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