learning to live again

So, last night I read poetry aloud in front of a group of people for the first time in about 15 years.  I am still feeling fucking high from it, an energy that I haven’t felt in far too long.  The people were all excellent, receptive, creative, cool and the words sounded so wonderfully, rolling off my tongue like honey, but with ground glass mixed in because that is how I write which anyone reading this blog should know by now.  The venue was a former business space that has been converted into an artists co-op studio by a group of local artists that seems to be expanding to form this extended creative community and that also is a thrilling thing.  Ever since I have moved down here I have not felt like I truly had a place and this is starting to feel like one and I just cannot completely describe how excited and hopeful I am about it all.  I am posting some videos that were taken on the night by one of the patrons and kindly posted on facebook.  The place is called The Pharmacy and it is located at 401 South Grand Avenue West in Springfield, they are on facebook and I urge anyone local who might read this blog to go check them out.  The work I have seen so far from the visual artists is both unique and compelling and they are hosting a number of events including author readings, grant writing workshops, the spoken word night, they even have a book club going, all of which promises to be very good indeed.
















Take the time and look through all of these, it is well worth it, the talent on display here is astounding and covers the gamut of poetic expression.  That’s all for now, but look out for some new stuff soon on the more creative front as I am feeling inspired by all of this in a way I have not been for far too long.  My voice may be cracked and bloody from disuse, but I have a few roars left in me.  Cheers all.


2 Responses to “learning to live again”

  1. Your enthusiasm is inspiring!

  2. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait.

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