…And The Beat Goes On…

Low belly growl earth shake

Chthonic grumbling fat man indigestion

Groaning tectonics waking up

Shrugging crag shouldered, mountain backed

Curling catlike horizons ached

Rubbing across barbed wire clouds.


Birds take flight in paper scatter panic

Feathered coat hanger silhouette rags

In coughing, shrilling cacophonous alarms

A sky of beaks and gold circled eyes

Desperate wing churning struggle to break gravity’s fists

Fly Star-ward away even just to die in the void.


Animals bleat roar mewl madness

As nature abandons itself to anarchy of tooth, horn, claw

Slaughter rank rising thick stench

Bloated fly buzz crawling over glazed eyes

Filling distended nostrils, burrowing, pillaging

All flesh corrupted writhing fitful quivering.


Towers of concrete steel mirrors splash down

Ocean waves of slag once pride of hands

Now blackened twisted dinosaur heaps

Subway tunnels vomiting chromes maggot trains

Cars tossed child’s toys in fits thrown

To shattered flame belching ground

Grind gnashing gear wheel teeth gasping last oily panting breath.


World all falls down bang tumble

Screams, pleas, all on babel fool’s voice

Crying to roiling bruised lip skies

All prayers falling back to earth as burnt paper dolls

Flutter ember winged useless angels

Caught on the hot exhalation of doom wheezing bone rattle wind.


All this swirling detritus kaleidoscope

Acid fire rain weeping tears burn eyes withering in sockets

Scorched black bloody crumbling ruin

In the end of all things, in all the pieces, made up of all the bits

It is only your face

Pure clear smiling peace benediction home

As I lay me down to sleep forever and ever and ever…

Just you and the end of the world.


One Response to “…And The Beat Goes On…”

  1. Ann Kristoff Says:

    You are an artist. Words are you palette.

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