Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

My name is Job, the long suffering.  Look, I know why you’re here…you want something, something no one else can give you, am I right.  Well, I am the man you want to see, trust me.  All you could ever dream of wanting is within my grasp, just waiting for you to say the word, and it’s all yours.  You doubt me?  Let me give you a taste, just a sample and I know you’ll be impressed.  You’ve looked everywhere and never been able to quite find exactly what you’re looking for, tried everything, I know that look.  There hasn’t been a vice you haven’t adopted, no level of experience you haven’t plumbed.  Those kind of experiences leave their mark and I’ve gotten so very good at spotting those who have laid waste to their soul.  It’s in the eyes, or rather it’s behind them, that emptiness, the void and the hunger to fill it.  You walk around but you’re only ever really a shell, just dust and ashes under a skin tight as an old funeral drum.  I can make it all better, trust me, I am your friend, why would I lie?  I see you still doubt…you have become jaded, I can understand that but I know exactly what you need,w hat anyone would need in your position.  Just step this way with me, we’ll talk, have a few laughs, enjoy a little wine, women and song before the main event.  It will be something, the best gift you can imagine and I know it will be everything you have been longing for, and all of your life has been longing, through all of the rich banquet of existence you have glutted yourself, tasted pains, pleasures everything there is under the sun and still you hunger like a child swollen bellied baking in the sun of a famine stricken land.  I can bring that hunger to an end.  I am the promise given to everyone from the moment of their birth and I always keep my word.  Just a bit more, enjoy this now, have some of this, a little bit of that, maybe some of her, isn’t she delectable, maybe some of him, or a lot of him, depending on your tastes.  You still look so desperate, still doubting the prize I offer…very well, no more beating about the bush as they say, follow me.  Now, here we are, sit down, nice and comfortable, relax, this will be so much fun, I can’t wait for the ending, you will just love it.  Now, take this knife from the table…feel its weight, the balance of it, it’s pure simple elegance, savor the light as it dances on the edge of it, take it all in, I wouldn’t want you to miss even a single moment.  Now, cut yourself, feel it enter your body, so cold but it’s just what you need, trust me, this is the ultimate experience…feel how your heart quickens, how everything seems so very bright and sharp and new…it is exquisite, all you ever wanted in one moment, and you are the author of your own bliss…really, the best gifts are those we give ourselves.  Now, when this is over, a few friends of mine will be along to collect you…I wouldn’t give them any trouble, they can get unpleasant, or at least more so than they already are.   You thought this was the end?  Foolish child, how could it be?  If this was all, how would I get paid?  Everything has its price and I always get paid.  Now, just enjoy the last tremors of the experience, relax…you will have so much more ahead of you now, and it would be best going into it all with a pleasant memory.


2 Responses to “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…”

  1. This is excellent!

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