The True North Strong and Free

It’s Canada Day and the country of my birth is 144 years old.  I feel a very strong need to celebrate this with a few good friends, a few cold beers by a lake just outside of South River, however this is not possible at the moment, so I will go there in my head and be happy.  I take it with me everywhere I go, my country, because it is my country…it is in my bones and my breath, every inch of it.  I have managed to see both of its coasts and a great deal of  its people and places and they all live with me wherever I go.  I am proud of my home, I am proud of the fact that very quietly we have become on of the best places in the whole world to live.  No matter where I will go in this whole world, whatever time and fortune may bring I will always and forever say with conviction that I am Canadian.


One Response to “The True North Strong and Free”

  1. Then come visit sometime! Canada misses you too!!

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