SoHo Midwest

To date, most of the posts on here have been primarily about my writing or my attempts at philosophy, with only a few really being about myself or my life so I thought I might do something a bit different and actually show a glimpse of what I get up to when I am not working or blogging.  The following are some pictures that I took with my cell when my girlfriend Beth, her son Sebastian, my two daughters Kate and Jane and myself went to the SoHo music festival in lovely downtown Springfield.  This is the third year I have been and it is always a great time with some awesome local music, friendly people, good food and of course, a little booze which is basically the recipe for a pretty good time.  So here they are, just for fun. (I apologize for the quality of some, I have no flash on my phone and it was getting dark)


These are my girls, rocking out and getting completely sticky with icecream.



The kids in order from left to right, Kate, Jane and Sebastian who had fun getting their faces painted.  Sebastian’s was a bit dim as the lady doing the face painting was very popular and he didn’t get into line until later.




These are just some I took to try and show the people enjoying themselves and give an idea of what was happening.  For those of you reading this who might be in the area you should think about checking this out.  The festival happens every June 3rd and 4th and it really is a great time for not too much money.  The proceeds also go to local charities, so you get to listen to great music whilst getting pleasantly buzzed all for a good cause, which in my opinion is a total win/win situation.  So that’s it, just a little glimpse of me for those interested.  Cheers 🙂


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