…all instruments of faith and sex and god…

I have mentioned my love of music in several of my previous posts and I just thought today that I would share some of my favorites and let others speak for me, all the words of my soul.  I hope you can find something you like.

Two Tom Waits tunes…and for the record, “Downtown Train” is his song and he did it way fucking better than Rod Stewart ever could.

Just hearing the opening notes of this song sends chills down my spine to this day

I think this may be my very favorite Nirvana song…just so good

U2 at their finest, my very first musical true love

I honestly think that this man is the greatest poet that I have ever encountered, see previous posting of “Hallelujah” as well

Tori is just fucking good, go with it

A little Sarah to go along with Tori

I can’t embed this one, but it is a truly magnificent song by Amanda Palmer and so worth a listen

And the last stop on this little musical journey, a song from an album that has effected my whole life quite profoundly and a band that has continued without fail to feed my need for excellent music.  I hope anyone reading this may have found something new, or remembered something old that may have been forgotten.  Music is the lifeblood of the universe and I hope I may have transmitted some sublimity to those in need…and I lied, I leave you with this last, words by Allen Ginsberg, music by Tom Waits…enjoy.


2 Responses to “…all instruments of faith and sex and god…”

  1. blackwatertown Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your collection.

    • of course, this is just a sample. I had no sooner clicked on “publish” when I immediately thought of about ten more bands or artists I should have included. I was also a bit limited in song choice even with those I picked because I wanted real videos and not just a photo montage with the music playing over it so I had to go with each artist’s more popular works and not necessarily my favorite tracks. I might make this an occasional series type thing, add a few more from time to time. I am glad to hear that you’re digging them though. Cheers mate.

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