Yay, it’s poetry time

So, since my last post a few hours ago, I have started feeling creative and I want to write so, I am going to extemporize a poem right here and now and see what happens.

Give me a horizon,

A horse and a six gun

Frontier cow towns and bad guys who wear black hats

Where my hand can be the law

And the only thing separating the good, the bad, and the ugly

Is a tin star pinned to a duster.

Give me grey seas,

A high prow’d longship

Square sail bellied to the wind snapping and straining

Salt spray freezing to ice on beards and shield rims

Laughing in the teeth of the gale

As my brothers and I look for new worlds, or the road to Valhalla.

Give me a plume,

A broad brimmed hat and high boots

That stride cobbled streets with a lusty thump

A sword at my hip and a wit to match it’s edge

Wine, women and song to fill my heart with fire

To be bold, matching word to deed

With every breath both a warrior and a poet.

Give to me the whole world

A place to live out loud and deliberately

To sing songs and make legends

Where words mean something more

Than ideals for the pondering

Give me castles and maidens and wicked step mothers

And I shall give you a life writ large upon the stars

In a bold hand so that none shall forget to mark it.

I really don’t know what exactly that was, but those words were living inside my and they are out now.  It wasn’t exactly what I thought I was going to write, but then again, very little is.  That’s all for now, I hope as always that you out there will enjoy, or hate it, as long as it makes you feel something.  Cheers.


2 Responses to “Yay, it’s poetry time”

  1. That’s more like it.

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