Do not take muscle relaxers if you want to be good for anything else during the day

This is just a quick journaly type update as I haven’t posted anything for a bit and I feel like I should keep the animals fed every once in a while.  I have been plugging away at chapter two, but it’s not shaping up the way I want it so I may have to do some major re-writes on the bit I already have, or may have to re-write it period, I am not sure which.  I really have the major plot points all hammered out, in large part thanks to my girlfriend Beth whom I have been using mercilessly to bounce ideas off of and who has endured this with both grace and aplomb for which I am very grateful.  There is the fundamental gap between where I know I need to go and getting the words to actually take me there.  Words are recalcitrant, lazy things and must be hammered into place more often than not and sometimes you just get tired of hammering.  It doesn’t help much that the one place I usually do most of my work, which is at work in between calls has suddenly become ungodly busy so that there is no in between calls anymore.  This has slowed the process considerably to say the least.  Now some of you may ask, why Matt, why do you not work on your story when you get home?  To which I replay piss off you buggery gits.  I then respond with the fact that I am the most alert and focused when I am at work, my brain is turned on and with the actual nature of my work largely going to waste, so it is a great time to focus all that unused wattage into something more useful than telling the latest idiot iPhone user, “your internet isn’t working because you turned it off from the phone, le sigh”.  Today was especially disappointing in the creativity front because I went to the doctor’s yesterday because lately I have been experiencing a whole new wonderful world of pain in my legs and my doctor proscribed a muscle relaxer.  Now, I took one of these puppies today at 9:00 and was still feeling like my head had been filled with cotton wool at 5:00.  This, needless to say, made any higher function of my brain impossible, however it didn’t effect my over all job performance, which should give some incite again into how stupid and banal what I do is as I was able to effectively administer tech support with the effective wit and IQ of a retarded monkey with syphilis.  The really outrageous part of it is that I am supposed to take this shit three times a day which I believe would render me legally brain dead, but hey, they let Glen Beck on TV for fuck’s sake, so it can’t be all bad.  SO, back to the writing thing, I couldn’t, which manifestly managed to piss me off.  Yes, I had no pain today, but I also had no thought other than, man, I love Mountain Dew.  So a little lesson kiddies, there is in fact a reason they call it dope.  Anyway, that’s kind of what’s going on in my life right now, just thought an update was due my good readers.  Please, continue to enjoy glancing over this blog on your way to browse for porn or watch some schmuck light his balls on fire on YouTube and if you get the inclination, feel free to share whatever comes to your diseased little minds.  Ta, for now, cheers.


4 Responses to “Do not take muscle relaxers if you want to be good for anything else during the day”

  1. emisformaker Says:

    I would love to post some advice about how you might feel better without taking prescription medications, but feel this might be filed under ‘Ignore’. Let me just say, then, that I hope you feel better, and for the love of literacy, please proofread your posts!
    Also, based on preliminary results, I highly recommend a daily writing regimen for taming those wily words. Takes all of 20 minutes of your morning, and it doesn’t even have to be any good. It’s like exercising a muscle, or training to fight with a sword: at first, it is hard, but at first, everything is hard.

    • I have been writing more and more lately, sitting myself down and making myself do it. In this case, its not that the words won’t come, it’s that I don’t feel like I am saying what I want to say more than anything else. I have been keeping some track of your efforts though and I must say I am quite impressed, as always.

  2. blackwatertown Says:

    Jolly good moan.

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