Just a short post today, I just finished watching “The Iron Giant” with my daughters tonight and once again, when that one moment comes as the giant is flying up to stop the nuclear bomb and sacrifice himself and he takes on the heroic pose and simply says “Superman” I started crying like a baby.  I admit it, it gets me every single time, no matter how many times I see it.  I think there is just such heart in that character, in his friendship with Hogarth and his desire to be more than what he was made to be and for even one moment choose to be the best that he can.  So, for those of you out there that read this blog and have already seen this film, go watch it again and for those of you who have not yet seen it, go rent it, netflix it, just find some way to see it, you will not regret it.  That’s all for now, goodnight.


2 Responses to “…Superman…”

  1. emisformaker Says:

    “Am not gun. Am Superman.”
    I love that movie!

  2. blackwatertown Says:

    Whistle Down The Wind and The Battle of Algiers do it for me.
    The crying bit that is.

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