A Tale Perhaps

Ok, so today I was thinking about one of my favorite characters, Cyrano DeBergerac.  I have always thought Rostand’s hero was so perfect, a warrior, a wit, a poet, living with passion and following only and always his own idea of what was right and how life should be lived.  A figure of romance, passion, chivalry, honor, a hero I can find myself identifying with, even though the story is somewhat absurd in and of itself.  Anyway, I was thinking about Cyrano and that I would like to tell a story of daring and swashbuckling with a hero decidedly outside regular society.  I wanted him to be cunning, using his wits as much as his blade to get through life, someone with a zest for life and a desire to prove themselves.  I also wanted this character to have a flaw, like Cyrano and his nose, only with this character I wanted it to be a real flaw, because the only person who really made an issue of his nose was Cyrano himself.  So I was thinking and toying with ideas and suddenly an image popped into my head of a rather rakishly dressed man in full swashbuckler garb, broad-brimmed hat with huge plume included only this man had the head of a fox.  Now, I don’t know why precisely, but this struck my fancy, something almost out of a Grimm fairytale.  So I started thinking about a boy born to an innkeeper and his wife in a small village in a world mostly like our own that was born with the head of a fox and what happens to him as he tries to grow up and make his way through life.  I think this might be the kernel of an idea that could turn into a novel possibly, but we’ll just have to see how that goes.

Anyhow, the reason I was bringing this all up in the first place is that while I think this is a good idea, it may in fact be ludicris, silly, or otherwise not interesting and I wanted to kind of put this idea out there and see what my readers think.  I know you’re out there too, I check the site stats and I have had a few big days, one at 31 views, so people are in fact reading this for whatever reason.  So, I am making a request of my readers and asking for any thoughts or input on this sketch of an idea, a story set in something like earth during the 1400s in a culture resembling Anglo/French in which a young man must make his way in the world possessing the head of  a fox.  I had the idea of telling it in the style of a fairytale/fable starting from when the lad is born, the trials and tribulations of growing up in a small, superstitious village, finally striking out on his own to seek his fortune and the adventures he has along the way to finding it.  I had pictured the character with a sort of irrepressible spirit and a broad mischievous streak so that he is as much roguish as he is heroic.  That’s all I have for now, not a lot of flesh on the bones so far but I am working on that bit.  In the meantime, I was hoping to perhaps get some comments, suggestions or ideas from you, my kindly and indulgent readers.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  I have tired to write a long tale before now and never had much success, but I really want to take this as far as I can go with it.  As I write, I will post on here with the bits and pieces of the narrative as the come along and we will see what I can accomplish.


7 Responses to “A Tale Perhaps”

  1. Hey man, think the general idea is great. I’m not sold on the fox head thing. I think the charming roguish character is always in high demand and I look forward to seeing what you can do with it. Maybe some brainstorming on a different flaw might be in order. A little off topic is the fonts used for the blog are kinda tiny and very hard to read. Anyways looking forward to your progress.

    • The fox head is my favorite bit, and I really think I can make that work. The idea is that, for the most part, this is the only truly fanciful thing in the world I am creating. Other than this one element, everything else is going to be played serious and realistic. This isn’t so much a fantasy story as it is one that will use an alternate but similar universe to our own. I may have a few small elements of mysticism thrown in, but the idea is that the main character’s appearance is so singular and unusual that it would be almost insurmountable to the protagonist’s success but yet is still over come.
      As for the font thing, I am working on that but having some difficulty with the other website that is providing the font I am wanting to use.

    • blackwatertown Says:

      Fox head works for me.

  2. emisformaker Says:

    I agree about font (perhaps increasing the size), and will add a plea for proofreading.
    The idea sounds awesome! I recommend getting your hands on The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart for a modern fairy-tale treatment of some very grim subject matter, and of course the ubiquitous Mr. Pratchett for the serious treatment of the absurd (and vice versa).
    Also, if you were thinking about the possibility of a graphic novel, I think I might know someone who would be interested in drawing it.

    • I am encouraged by your enthusiasm and I will check out the Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart, however as far as Pratchett is concerned, what I am trying to accomplish here will need to be played far more straight than what he usually does. The discworld definitely takes the absurd and has all of the characters within the world behave as if it were perfectly normal which is where the ultimate humor lies as we can see how truly ridiculous the situation is, but in this case, everyone around the main character can most definitely see the grotesque singularity of the protagonists deformity and thus his ability to either overcome the social obstacles he encounters through his wit or win those opposed to him through his force of personality or acts of bravery becomes a source of pathos. As far as medium goes, as always I am envisioning this as straight prose, but I am not opposed to other formats but I would definitely need to have this mysterious someone’s input.

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  4. blackwatertown Says:

    Oh and one more thing – you can add a page break to your post so that not all of it is visible on your front page. Insert the page break and readers will see a little “Continue Reading” and an arrow to click on – to read more.
    It’ll keep your front page more manageable as your posts accumulate.

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