Signal to Noise

I wrote this piece a week or two ago and didn’t think much of it when I first got it out but I re-read it today and found that it sounds better than I thought it did and it says what I wanted it to say more or less.  We’ll see what everyone else out there thinks.  As always, comments are welcomed.

Words in the emptiness

Picture, video, sound

Bits of lives just swirling in the ether

Pokes, emoticons, lols, omgs

Silent noise, less than the ghost of a conversation

Everywhere, all of the time.

Would it really be madness

To hear voices, to see things that aren’t there?

They are there, running though us

Pattering through our wires on furtive mouse feet

Tweeting and twittering

A ceaseless sussuration of a million, billion lives

Broadcasting to the infinite.

Which thoughts are yours?

Are we always and only getting ourselves

Or are other channels being picked up?

The brain is just one more computer

Making just one more possible WiFi hotspot

Casting out nets for cyber garbage

Streaming ourselves to ourselves.

The dream you had last night,

Was that yours

Or was somebody updating their Facebook page?

Did you start humming that song

Because you just heard it

Or did your synapses just pick up someone’s Pandora feed?

The box is wide open

Angels and demons pouring out

Between the ones and zeros

Possession is nine tenths of the law

And everyone possesses little pieces of everyone else

Live and in living colour

Somebody’s always still watching

Even though you closed your eyes.


5 Responses to “Signal to Noise”

  1. nathan bruso jr Says:

    these are really god as far as poetry goes. I never was able to f9nd any tpe of poetry that I liked, even Poe was when not downright creepy, just too complicated for my tastes. If you have more like this laying around , you should gather them up and see about getting published. I would like to see a collecti0n like that. The first one I read was the one about dragons and trolls and such, and I’m glad I subscribed, now, because this one is just ass good. I am interested in reading anymore you choose to post. I read alot, sci-fi, fantasy, some horror like King and Rice, ths is the first time somethng lie this has gotten my attention beyond the first couple lines. I thank you for broadening my horizons, and opening me up for something new and so very apt. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  2. nathan bruso jr Says:

    good not god sorry

  3. nathan bruso jr Says:

    Is it OK to forward this to others that might be interested in them?

    • I have no problem with anything in my blog being linked to or shared on websites like Facebook, etc. My one and only concern is that proper credit is given really. If you think others may be interested in reading what you find here, then by all means let them know and encourage them to check out the site. That’s what this is all here for, to get myself out there as far as writing is concerned and the more attention I can get, the better. I do happen to have a whole body of poetry lying around and as soon as I can get it off of the floppy disk it’s on I will probably post it here as well. Thanks for your comments, I really have found them encouraging and I hope I can keep you interested with what I put up here. Cheers mate.

      • monimoni98 Says:

        Look I am extremely new to this blog stuff, and I have no9 idea how to do all the linking and stuff yet. But I have written down all the information at the end bof your post about themes andwhen it waqs posted and what tags were used, so I’m pretty sure I can draw a roadmap for my friends and family, that are a lot more savvy at this stuff than me, to get them to that doorway of yours. I am not trying to sound like an adoring, stalkerlike fan, but I think these are good. I tried my hand at a blog, but I wassn’t very god at it. I have alot of respect for people , now, that can pull it off. In my opinion, you have done a pretty good job of it. I start an associates degree in IT on monday, so I might not get to read all that I want to, but I can try.

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