A quick question…


4 Responses to “A quick question…”

  1. monimoni98 Says:

    You know, to be honest, I found your poll, before I noticed I had new mail, so when I got to that, I thought about what I did, and I can’t recall what the other options after Books was. I’ll have to go take a look after while.
    I have been looking over some of your older posts, and I think I am gonna likeseeing what you come up with. And if not, oh well. I am a reader not a writer. I have known this for years. I live with it, but I’m not really sure if I would want to think the way most of my favorites do. You are brave souls to endure. I do so enjoy a good story or two, though. I am glad there are people like you, to make my mundane existence tolerable. Keep up the good work.

  2. monimoni98 Says:

    No doubt in my mind. Books were always my friends, when I was growing up. And I still carry a library card. I moved from TX to MT about a year ago, and one of the first things I did was find the local public library, and get a new card. I still hardly know any people in this town, but my old familiar friends are here, too. And when I chance upon a new one, I count myself lucky. I can go anywhere and do anything. I just look between the pages. I wish more people could understand that feeling.

    • Books have always been a great solace to me as well. I was a fairly awkward boy and I found the ability to retreat into a world of my own devising inspired by another’s words to be very comforting. Some of my best friends have traveled a long way with me, and I am always looking for more. The core of it for me though is more than just character or plot, it’s language, the complex nuances of expression that fascinate and delight me. I love playing with words, making them do things they otherwise wouldn’t want to do so that I can build something that no one has ever seen before but will never be the same again once they have seen it. That being said, while I do love words and literature if I were to be truly honest I think I could live without either of these and a great many other things besides if all I had was music. I think I love music with a passion most associate with God and I have found myself in a state of rapture listening to a good song that could only be described as a sublime moment. I devour music in the same way that an epicure devours food and with as much joy but I can’t play a note and my voice would best be described as a weapon of mass destruction. Funny how the things that we love the most, that can transport us, lift us, enter into us so completely can be the things we have no talent for whatsoever. I am very glad that you find something in my work that intrigues you and that you are able to take something away from what you have read. I will try my best to keep the postings frequent and I look forward to your impressions. Cheers.

  3. blackwatertown Says:

    Invidious to choose – and I was going to say very difficult – but given my obsession with books it’s not really.
    So books number one. That’s where I’m usually immersed.
    But visual art – paintings – yes – I even buy them sometimes.
    And music from outside and inside my head.

    Following them moving and beautiful films – Battle of Algiers my favourite – and plays – though somehow though I find them impressive they don’t move me in the same way. Maybe the artifice is too visible.

    Then architecture – whether I like it or notice it or not – the built environment effects the way I live and my mood.

    Trailing in at bottom – sculpture – though the examples I saw in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum http://wp.me/pDjed-PJ were breathtaking – and then cartoons. Entertaining and enlightening at times – but I could live without them.

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