I want to make this blog about new writing, however I just found a couple of pieces that I feel are worth putting on display that were gathering dust in an old notebook, so I decided to add them to the collection.


…Beyond all though and memory

Leaving nothing but dust and angels

Dancing on the broken wind…


Life runs deep

Blood deep, merrow deep

Blood and bones and earth

Buried, living deep

Moving in the breathless dark.

Spirits of air and fire

To quicken the tongue

Set lips against old stump teeth

Lips over gumbs

Mumbling prayers and spells.

Faith and magic

Something more, something deep

Beneath the skin

Carved in the rhymes of flesh

Tapestry to be read

In crimson sinew.

Bred in the bone

Of the bone, more than bone

Or skin or teeth or blood

More than sky or stone

More or less

Something is nothing.

Maze of ages

Twists and turnings

Spells and prayers

Riddles for rhymes

Nothing more or less

Than the truth in the flesh.


There will always be a price to pay

A reckoning for all that is done

In the name of Him or some Other

For peace, for war

Some coin will be demanded.

You would do well to remember this

All those who grasp and clutch

Guzzle and rape

Reap without sowing

In the end you may not be able

To foot the bill.

There is no escape

When payment is due

The collector will come

Whether tyrant or priest

Or general with sword a-drip

Know that all will be accounted for.

Your wages will be all that you have earned

Remember this well

When you stand upon the scorched earth

The last foe vanquished

The last treasure plundered

When you have nothing left at all

You will pay and pay and pay….

So there they are, two completes and a fragment.  Some new and exciting madness.


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