a mission statement

Alright, so I have a blog.  I’m not entirely sure what I plan on doing with it, but the vague idea is to write, put my thoughts out there and let them corrupt the universe.  If I do eventually get any followers I have this to say…anything you read here is what I think and that’s about it, it’s all my opinion, no more, no less.  “Of course it is, what else could it possibly be?” I hear you ask.  Well, what I mean more specifically is that I am mostly doing this for my own benefit, to create whether that will be poetry, prose, or general ramblings on my life, my half assed attempts at philosophy or any other shite I need to lay out there.  What the whole upshot of this is that if I offend anyone, I really don’t care.  I have spent far too much of my existence giving far too much credence about what other people think and as far as I am concerned that stops within the borders of this blog.  Any comments or criticisms are more than welcome, in fact they are eagerly sought after, however, if anyone who reads anything here feels the need to get their knickers in a twist about anything I say on here, my only response is to kindly fuck right the hell off.  I am not saying this to be combative, I just want to be me as best I can on here and I will not be censoring myself nor trying to cater to anybody’s sensibilities other than my own.  That being said, anyone who wanders in and sees something that they would like to respond to I will always do my best to read and respond back.  Part of any creative process is feedback, both positive and negative and that is what this blog is going to be for me, a creative process.  Well, that’s my piece for now, I will be trying to keep the posts coming on a fairly regular basis and I just hope that somebody out there might just see something they like, or that makes them think, or even possibly inspires them.  We’ll just have to see where this all goes, cheers for now.


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