Yet even more nonsense and mumblings

Yet even more nonsense and mumblings

by Matthew Brewes on Friday, December 28, 2007 at 10:26pm

I’m not exactly sure, but somewhere, somehow this poem got hijacked while I was writing it. It doesn’t end anywhere near where it begins and I’m not sure of where I was going to begin with…anyway, here it is.

My mind is a tangle of crippled thoughts

Leprous imaginings all gibbering and squeaking

Dream flesh festering,

Nightmare fingers flayed, twisted and clutching

Dragging at sanity, devouring reason

Sowing fat maggot seeds of madness.

All the world is broken mirrors

Twisted fractal corridors

Gleaming, sharp, wet at the edges

Blood in the cracks and seams

Faces contorted to caricature visage

Blind, dumb, mouthing blasphemies.

A murder of crows

Takes wing behind the glass of my eyes

Beaks, sharp as rusted nails

Thrusting into both Thought and Memory

Eating my brain in fat white gobbets

Stealing me, stealing whatever I was

Leaving old ivory, clean smooth and forgetful.

I would have burned

I would have fallen on all of the swords

Struggled, bled, wept

But there was no cause, only soundbites

No need for poetic martyrs

Full of grace and towering hypocrisy.

My dreams are going to swallow me whole

I thought I could kill them all

Come out clean on the other side

Now their corpses pull at me

Dead grey fingers dragging me down screaming

And there’s just no way out…

I’m alone in the dark

With only myself for company

And all I can do is scream and scream

There’s no way out…

If anybody can figure this one out, I’d be eternally grateful.

PS: I bet five bucks the only person to read this at all will be my sister.

via Yet even more nonsense and mumblings.


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