work in progress

work in progress

by Matthew Brewes on Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 8:20pm

A preface: this is a concept/theme that has been kicking around in my head for a long time…it’s suggested, of course, by a Bush tune called “Mouth” but only in the sense of the one line, “nothing hurts like your mouth”…i still haven’t got this right yet…bear that in mind as you read…

Nothing hurts as much as your mouth

Graceful curve of lip

Over perfect white teeth

Brushed by sinuous tounge

Something fair, and wicked, and dangerous.

I could be cut to pieces

By your mouth

Bleed all I have and more

Flesh left in tatters and ribbons,

Lip prints on pale, bloodless skin

Wet, red and dripping.

Bloody mouthed angel

Chin a-drip with crimson

Beneath a scalple smile

Beautiful, perilous, terrible, irresistable

Nothing hurts so sweetly, deeply and mortally

As your mouth…

And even that was different from how it appears on the page I’m typing from…we’ll see how this evolves…next I include a few fragments and lines that I feel should be shared, even though I don’t know where they belong yet…

Tounge-tied, lucid dreaming

that’s one I just liked a lot and it really, really needs a home

Mist fades like the last shreads of a dream

Falling back across the lake

An army of pearl and silver

Retreating over a field of glass.

Standing on the shoreline

The sun brushing tree-tops

A million million guilded needles

Threading underneath an azure scarf sky.

two stanzas of a poem on nature…don’t know where they want to take me yet

Moonlight on old gravestones

Bone-white thrusting up from black earth

Leaning, drunkards, broken stumps

Fruit of the bone orchard.

Walking with old ghosts

More real than the living

Memories and regrets

Familiar as well loved friends.

These two stanzaz I wrote back to back, but I’m not sure they belong in the same piece, still I thought some of the imagery was good…

via work in progress.


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