stream of conciousness

stream of conciousness

by Matthew Brewes on Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 11:37pm

…let me gather my thoughts, stray fragments, fugitive pieces, refugees of dreams, memories, random ponderings…let me gather all these and weave them, stitch and sew them, create patchwork frames upon which to hang various musings, vague and half formed, dripping and running like Dali wax watches…persistance of memory, insistance upon constants in an inconstant world of paradigm and partisan rhetoric…fuck you and fuck them and fuck us all, over and over and over again hate red haze over eyes blinded by futile tears made of glycerine pouring from a wellspring of impotent rage…News at 11, propoganda and paparratzi mixed into images of broken streets, spent faces shrivelled by a conflict that has no meaning for most all this spinning out into the ether like so much psychic waste spilled from tumorous lips mumbling in senility the rote dogma attempting to banish the fear only to bind the fear close, lover close, cleaving to the flesh so you can never, ever forget…thus back to memory, record history, written by some hopeless victor from a conflict for the best imaginary freind…but anyway…this was where my thoughts gathered, this point at this time which may be a different point at another time or no time or no point at all simply speaking to hear the words to free them because if they stay they’ll break this too fragile mind and I just can’t afford to go mad just now, but maybe this is already too late and the sanity has fled like a murder of crows taking wing into an iron gray November sky…

via stream of conciousness.


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