So much to say…

So much to say…

by Matthew Brewes on Thursday, July 12, 2007 at 6:54pm

…so little ability to say it. All of the words seem to have left, gone on strike, be back in five but have not returned, truant phrases, recalcitrant metaphors all leaving me with a novel but no voice to speak it. I am overwhelmed by my own mind, like voluntarily drowning in this giant, limitless ocean of stories and poems. Images drift and dive, characters surface briefly only to be swallowed back under the inky blackness. Islands appear, strange lands and wonderous, aye, here there be monsters, only I cannot give them substance, voice, being. I just want to scream, but even this would take words that I don’t have. So I am left just blindly striking keys, hoping to strike a flow, to find that place where the words burned like a fire and I could forge them into whatever I desired with impunity. It is very true that you wont know what you’ve got till it’s gone and whatever there was, there is only a ghost of it now, embers where there was once a single, pure flame…but flames are impermanent, with just one small breath…they go out

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