by Matthew Brewes on Saturday, July 14, 2007 at 6:19pm

…Okay, looking back over my last couple of notes, I thought that I’d include a little preface…I have decided to make the notes portion of facebook the place to put any bizzare rants, ravings and other lunacies I wouldn’t care to perpetrate anywhere else. So, if anybody actually does read them ( which I highly doubat anyone has judging from the complete lack of comments ) I will say this…these are nothing more than outbursts of inspiration driven by any particular feeling or series of thoughts at any given moment, they ARE NOT a cry for help, plea for attention or a desperate attempt at anything in particular…so, before you all plan the intervention, or start messaging with tea and sympathy, please, understand that I am not actually this troubled…thank you for your attention, proceed to the actual abysmal mutterings at your own risk…

via PSA.


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