…on music…

…on music…

by Matthew Brewes on Saturday, July 14, 2007 at 8:38pm

So, more rambling. Same day, just slightly later. Listening to music at my desk. If I did, actually have to choose one thing, one activity, or vice, or whatever that I could not live without, it would be music. No other medium in my mind so perfectly and seemlessly merges aesthetic and entertainment, art and junk food. Even the most banal bubblegum pop song can offer an astounding arrangement or one perfect lyric that for the briefest moment will elivate it from among it’s mass-produced brethren and give it a breath of sublimity. No other form of art, communication, or construction can approach for me the perfection that is music. Give me a room full od CDs, tapes, LPs, eight-tracks or MP3s, a good stereo and a set of headphones and I will happily say I am in paradise. Any genre, any form, anything as long as it finds a way to move me, to transport me out of my head, or further into it depending on my mood.

My life is defined by it. Some people catalog thier lives in photos, scenes from movies, major events, I have a series of sound clips, almost a soundtrack for my life. This tune reminds me of a friend from highschool, that one of a night at the bar, another for some girl’s smile, yet another for a moment of shear, unadulterated lust :), whatever it may be, hundreds upon thousands of vingettes corresponding to an archive of songs, melodies, lyrics, chords.

Nobody seems to be able to fully understand. Perhaps it’s because, as anybody reading this can tell, it’s very hard to articulate how I feel in a lucid fashion. I think that music takes the place in my life that others would fill with God, or Yaweh, or Allah, or just plain faith. Maybe that’s what others find impossible to understand. Maybe that’s why I can’t truly find the words to explain, all of this just barely scratching the surface of how I feel. When I’m listening to music, when I’m in that place where there is nothing else, where I’m wrapped in the words and the world just drops away and everything is so pure and my heart just wants to break it hurts so good, when I’m right there, I am as close to God as I think I’ll ever be. Music is my prayer, my breath, my life…my gospel: Silence Sucks.

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