Just a quick explanation

The below were all previously released on facebook and seemingly because I put them in the notes section, they went largely unread…I am actually pleased with some of the writing here, both in the poetry and prose pieces so I thought I’d move them over to my brand shiny new blog so they can go unread here as well…

2 Responses to “Just a quick explanation”

  1. monimoni98 Says:

    I think what I have seen so far is great. Is emisformaker your sisters blog? That wass the impression that I got anyway. If so, does she write like you? Or are you vastly different? I think I would like to read hers,too, if it is anything like what you have presented here.

    • Yes, that’s her blog and as far as our styles are concerned, I think we share some similarities but she has far more variety to her work and she tends to be a bit more experimental in form, especially with any poetry she writes. She is also a wonderfully interesting person and if you are interested I would highly recommend that you check her’s out as well.

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