…across a wire…

…across a wire…

by Matthew Brewes on Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 8:05pm

At the start, focus, draw breath, begin…a stream, the merest trickle of thought, it begins slowly, slowly the words find themselves, connecting, building…my mind is recalcitrant, reluctant, passion has played truant to apathy far too long…I just want to scream at the top of my lungs so that my breath fills all of the world, so that the only thing that can be tasted on the winds of this earth is the bitter frustration, jaded, cold and ashen…if I could, I would make it resound loud and clear through every hall, from indifferent mountaintops through empty wastes, twining around towers of glass and steel, reflected from parabolic dishes in a cacophony of signal to noise…I want to make the FUCK YOU burning in my throat explode through transitors, fry out woofers, tweeters in an inexorable wave of pent up hatred until the only thing that could possibly be left in it’s wake was a perfect, resounding and complete silence…I want it all to stop in a grinding of blood and grease soaked gears, I want to shut it down, choke the bandwidth with my bare hands, run electric fingers down lightyears of fiber optic, to pull the all the plugs, disonnect, fatal error, system crashing immediately, do not pass fucking go…it’s a beast burning in dark, sulphurous clouds in my mind, churning and groaning belching flame and cinders, a blasphemous creation, monument to an idea taken too far…if I could, if the strength was in me to do so, if only…but all there is, all I can grasp are fragments, strands and threads that refuse to be woven, I have all the parts but no easy assembly instructions…useless words, broken and amputated stumps of phrases, limping metaphores, lurching discordant similies…worse than no voice is the voice that can only mumble, parrot, rave without sense…so the flow stops, drying up and withering leaving nothing but a soft rasping of dust across the page…

via …across a wire….


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