by Matthew Brewes on Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 7:50pm

…What is there to say? Did I ever really have anything to say? Maybe I’ve said it and, having spoken that which I was meant to, all of the words that I was alloted have been used. Maybe what I had was just a brief gift. Or maybe what I thought was talent and passion were just the pretension and self-righteousness of typical teen angst…

I just don’t feel the same anymore. All of the hypocrasy and apathy that I used to see, that awoke rage and the need to yell and kick and scream just leaves me feeling vaguely saddened now. The compromises people have to make just to get by seem far more forgivable now. I find that my ideas of justice, truth, and humanity that were once so clear and sharply defined are now becoming blured and faded and so much harder to hold on to…

Some days, all I hear in my head is a voice screaming “sellout!” The thing is, I didn’t really sell anything…I just kind of gave up. Now I wonder which is worse, selling out or giving in?

via 01/27/07.


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