You all had better bloody well read this or I will be pissed

You all had better bloody well read this or I will be pissed

by Matthew Brewes on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 8:31pm

Sparrows take wing

Frost tattoos etching black wings

In blue-white intricacies

Bursting into silver falme

As they arch across the pale winter sun.

Wind ting burn kisses

Hands and brow and cheeks

Breath boiling from vital lungs

Thick as a dragon’s brume

Getting tangled and tattered on twig fingered branches.

Glittering roses and vines

Coil and writhe across window panes and car hoods

Some mad monk’s illuminations run amok

Soon to be palimpsest to the dawn’s

Slow creeping rosy fingers.

Every breath is chill fire,

Feet stamp crunching a soft shoe

From doorstep to car door

A harrowing journey of about ten feet

With sleep still clinging to thoughts of bed, blankets, and a warm body.

Into the freezer tomb cold of the car

Engine sputter growls roars awake

Breaking the brittle silence with steel toothed gnashing

Combustion coughing grumpy animal noises,

The resurrected beast’s breath a cold blast in your face.

So you sit for a moment in the cold

Like warmth was a memory of a story you hear once

You sit and finally see just how blue the sky is,

How everything got covered in opals and pearls in the night

For one fragile splinter of a second you can be glad on a winter morning

And feel your heart break just a little with the thought of its passing.

via You all had better bloody well read this or I will be pissed.


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