Pieces of My Mind

Pieces of My Mind

by Matthew Brewes on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 at 8:48am

Streetlamp oil slick sheen

Rumpled coat bootheel scrape

Fumble for the softpack

Lighter cool blue flame


All night air booze breathed

Intoxicated on gas fumes

Swagger zig-zag paths

Mazes of pavement neon turns

Bodies spread all over

Flocks of birds

Preening coattails

Flying in low swift pinwheels

Concentric circles of sex-blood-money

Makeup smears across undone lips

Dangling corset strings

Knotted fingers that can’t untie themselves

From ribbons of viscious red hair

Coils of blue smoke irises

Pull a drag out of your veins



Just a single chord

One note vibrating between the air and me

Grabs a hold on my spine

Jerks me straight, pulls at my veins

This is my hymn

A flame where something like faith burns

Skies full of crows

Bespecticled Brits all sneering vitriol

One legged mad minstrels

Roaring, rumpled carnival barkers

Live in my head, breathe through me

Thier words finding the truth in me.


Something to burn the soul

It makes me bright…

via Pieces of My Mind.


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