Just when you thought I was done

Just when you thought I was done

by Matthew Brewes on Monday, May 5, 2008 at 11:18pm

Yet another offering from my diseased mind. If you’ve been following along, you might notice that this piece and some others I’ve written have a certain common theme. This is basically because every time I try and write down what I truly want to say, my brain is seized by such rabid, frothing rage that every piece is imperfect, capturing only small fragments of my contempt…so basically I’m trying once more…

Supermarket mass grave

Ringing to the digital tune

Of a million bar codes tattooed

Upon pallid corpse grey flesh

Constant, unending, never hitting the total key.

Video cameras screwed in tight

Behind cathode tube eyes

Crystal clear high-def new pornographers

Every moment with a price tag

Voyeurism replacing script

Life imitating itself in all of it’s lurid, sweaty glow

Spread, eager and drooling mawed.

Sixteen year old girls

Now both saints and martyrs

Held up, used up, torn down

By the same greedy, clutching hands

Everybody wants a piece and she owes them all

Because they put her there

Naked, open, her little life a public autopsy.

Bathing in effluent

Killing, dying, fucking

Through a spectrum of signal to noise

KPS the new heartbeat in cold fiber veins

Everything for sale

A sound byte sums up 4900 soldier’s deaths

On to our top story, ’cause that’s old news

Fade to black, signal cut

End transmission.

Okay, so that’s it…just one more piece, and nobody needs to point out the irony of a poem about the evils of mass media appearing on a web community blog kind of thing, I am well aware already…thank you my tender lumplings, sleep tight.

via Just when you thought I was done.


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