Here There Be…

Here There Be…

by Matthew Brewes on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 6:22pm

…Dragons, really, they exist, believe me

They coil in basement boilers,

Slumber under the streets

Thier smokes and steams

Boiling forth from chimney stacks

Or blasting up from subway vents and manhole covers

Trust me, they are there

Mighty, beautiful and terrible

But do not worry, they are safe and tame…most of the time.

Goblins too, by the way

Sly and flint eyed

Splay fingered, slobbering mouthed

Stealing the last piece of pizza from the fridge,

Hiding your car keys

Calling thier mates long distance in Indonesia on your cell while you sleep

You can hear them snickering from behind the cracks in things

The smug little bastards.

The world is not really ours, it only seems that way

There are monsters everywhere

They wear skins like ours, peering furtively through the eyes

Like the cut out ones from paintings in old gothic novels

You can tell who they are too

The ones who laugh a little too long, as if they lack practice at it

Or stare just to the left of you when they are talking to you

You can keep yourself safe, if you know what to look for,

If you believe they exist, but know they have no power but that which you give them.

I’m not crazy, really…no, no, wait, listen

There are faeries sleeping in the bells of daffodils,

Spriggans and boggarts that push the leaves around all rattle crinkle about in autumn,

Ghosts in the dustbins, a troll under every bridge

With hides of rusted iron and rivet teeth,

Grey giants that hide in the shadows of skyscrapers

Even that fat, jovial barfly you know, always ready with a jest or benignly lecherous hands

He has a pair of small horns under his slouch hat, a pair of cloven hoofs poking out beneath his rumpled mack

Just check one time, you’ll see, trust me.

They are all there, don’t think they aren’t

Just because we say they aren’t, they cannot be banished so easily

Our children, bastards of our dreams, by-blows of our nightmares

Appetites, apprehensions, the wonders of little eyes

The fear of the dark (and you were always right to be afraid)

We need them as surely as they need us,

They love us dearly, they love us deadly,

Asking only that we believe

…and really, that’s not so much to ask, after all, they believe in us

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2 Responses to “Here There Be…”

  1. monimoni98 Says:

    So very true. And then there are “the people who know”,ever hear of them?

    • I have not unfortunately, but the title does make me curious. If you liked this poem by the way, you might also dig my other post “believe”. Just a bit of shameless self promotion there.

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